Final 40 Hours of The Green Girl Susan Oliver Documentary Fundraising Campaign

Posted on November 29, 2013 in News

We only have until Saturday night (Nov. 30) to hit our minimum goal of $10,000 (as of this writing – early Friday morning – we’ve raised about $7000).  To help get us all the way, we’re offering BLACK FRIDAY DEALS on donor perks: $15 for a Digital Download of the movie (was $25) and $30 for the Limited Edition DVD (plus Digital Download and a T-shirt – was $45).

The best part?  YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE FOR 6 HOURS IN THE COLD OF NIGHT (or engage in mortal combat with other shoppers!)

Please help us reach the final goal before time runs out!

Our operator is standing by…

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Final Week of the Green Girl/Susan Oliver Documentary Funding Drive on IndieGoGo

Posted on November 23, 2013 in News

thecage2November continues to be a busy month, and we’ve raised about $6200 of the $10,000 we’re hoping for on IndieGoGo.  This money will cover the cost of color correction and Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance (necessary to allow us to release the film).

The fundraising campaign ends Nov. 30, so PLEASE consider helping us out before then.  Any amount is of tremendous help!  (We’ve got 4700 Facebook followers and over 3300 on Twitter – if we can just get a small fraction of those people to donate this week, we will easily hit $10,000 by the deadline).

Please follow the link:

We’ve gotten very good news from our legal team : apparently we did an excellent job of staying within the confines of Fair Use and will be able to get our E&O insurance policy.  And as our composer continues to work on the film’s musical score, I’m also arranging to get some high-end help polishing up our production sound (which, I’ve been told by several sound engineers, was already in good shape to begin with). 

On the picture front, I’ve been getting some help from several dedicated Susan Oliver fans in tracking down high-quality footage to replace a few of the clips we used in the film’s rough cut.  I plan to have all this swapping-in done over the next few weeks so that we’ll be ready to start color correction before December ends.

It’s getting very exciting as I realize how close we are to delivering the finished product!   Thank you for following along and supporting us on this amazing journey (which, I’m amazed to remember, started almost two-and-a-half years ago!).

Stay tuned, and please spread the word (about the film and about our soon-to-end IndieGoGo campaign!)

–George Pappy

The Green Girl (Susan Oliver) Documentary IndieGoGo Home Stretch

Posted on November 13, 2013 in News


Hi Everyone,

It’s been a very eventful month.  We’ve raised about 60% of our target with the IndieGoGo campaign, which ends Saturday, Nov. 30.  This money will go towards the final steps in post-production and delivery of the completed film early in 2014.  If you were ever considering helping us out, now would definitely be the time! 

Just follow this link:

In terms of post-production, things are quite busy.  I’ve had detailed discussions with the composer, who is already hard at work composing the film’s musical score.  I’ve spent a considerable amount of time working with our legal team on clip and photo clearances, and early reports put us in very good shape on that front (quite a relief considering that we have over 600 such items in the film!). 

I’m now spending a lot of time improving the quality of our Susan Oliver footage, some of which is in less than mint condition (fortunately, I’ve found alternate sources for much of it).  And we’re still on course to do color correction sometime in December (thanks to the IndieGoGo campaign!).  Finally, I’ll soon be meeting with a strategist to help plan out the film’s festival strategy for 2014 – we have high hopes of making it into more than a few!

I can’t wait for you all to see the film!  It’s been over a 2-year journey, and we’re finally reaching the end of the road.  Thanks for checking in, and stay tuned!

George Pappy                                                                                                                         Writer/Director – THE GREEN GIRL