Farewell to Peter Duryea

Posted on April 3, 2013 in News


Sad news came last week of Peter Duryea’s untimely death. He played Lt. Jose Tyler in the original Star Trek pilot and it was on his line that Susan Oliver’s Vina was first introduced to Trek fans. Peter corresponded with Green Girl director George Pappy last September and had this to say:

“I appreciate your dedication to documenting Susan Oliver’s efforts as a human and a performer. In 1964 she was on her way to all the accomplishments that you mention. You could see it in her…I, too, appreciated her as a person. I must admit that I hardly knew her. Aside from the the two weeks we spent working on the Star Trek pilot together, I had no contact with her. However, I did learn enough about her to sense who she was and what she was trying to do/be as she lived her life. Motivated and dedicated women were not as prominent then as they are today; and she was an outstanding example. I think her choice of the film/TV industry as a mode of expression was, perhaps. an unfortunate choice. It was/is a very tough business. I do wonder how she might have manifested had she chosen another field for her obsession.”

Peter wanted to contribute an interview to The Green Girl, but his recent health problems made that a difficult prospect. He was a fascinating man who chose to leave the Hollywood machine in 1973 for a more fulfilling life in rural Canada, dedicating himself to ecological causes and social awareness.

Rest In Peace, Peter. You will be missed.



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