The Green Girl is Back from Toronto!

Posted on May 4, 2014 in News

I just wanted to update all of you on my week in Toronto at the 2014 HotDocs Festival and Conference (just got back 2 nights ago).  As you may know already, we finished the movie too late to enter it into the HotDocs festival this year, but we were able to make it available for viewing to the many, many sales agents, distributors and festival programers who attend HotDocs in search of interesting new documentaries.  I had meetings with about a dozen of these folks representing a variety of release opportunities (traditional theatrical, “grass roots” theatrical, traditional home video, cable, and Internet-based delivery, both abroad and in the U.S.).   I focused mainly on New York area  and Canadian companies, and I made some initial contacts with the LA-based companies (I didn’t put a lot of time into these beyond the intros since I can and will meet with at least a few of these people back here in LA over the next few weeks).

It’s a waiting game now as people view the film, discuss it with the others at their respective companies and then decide if The Green Girl is right for them.  Then come the hard decisions on my end: which ones to go with?  (It will be a good problem to have – I’m not complaining!)  So far, I’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback from people who’ve seen the movie and who had no idea what an extraordinary life Susan Oliver led (and, in some cases, didn’t even know who she was).

Which reminds me that we had a private screening at a local university here in LA the night before I flew to Toronto.  The audience numbered about 80, mostly 20-ish college students, and I was happy to see that even though they came in with absolutely no prior knowledge of Susan, they were really drawn into her story, paid close attention (didn’t talk, didn’t text, and didn’t leave) and they asked a lot of good questions at the Q&A afterwards.  Overall, I’m very gratified by these anecdotal instances of seeing the movie have the effect I desired it to have from day one.

I’ll update you as we learn more over the next several weeks.  Thanks for stopping by!


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