The Green Girl (Susan Oliver) Post Production Status Update

Posted on February 26, 2014 in News

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it’s been so quiet these past few weeks.  Things have actually been very busy with post-production.  I took delivery of the final sound mix about 20 days ago, and after requesting some revisions, I’ll be picking up the final mix files tomorrow.  I spent a day with our colorist about 10 days ago and we made the final color correction revisions.  And I’ve also entered The Green Girl in a few more film festivals – we’ll see how that goes!

Most recently, I’ve spent the past 5 days (and nights) running the entire film through video noise suppression software I was lucky enough to come by at the last minute.  This has drastically improved the look of some of our more weather-worn Susan Oliver clips (which are impossible to come by in their original pristine form – nobody back in Susan’s day seems to have thought it was worth preserving many of the shows and films she was in for posterity’s sake!).  The process is very slow and must be done shot-by-shot (it takes me almost an hour for every minute of movie runtime), but I’ve been working almost non-stop and should have the whole process completed by the first week of March – at which point the film will finally be finished!

I’ve also been working with a T-shirt vendor to perfect the final look (especially the green ink) for the Green Girl T-shirt, so hopefully those will be manufactured by mid-late March.  Next step is looking into getting the DVD’s manufactured, along with exploring the avenue(s) through which the film will be available for streaming.  And then there’s the complicated world of cable TV and foreign markets…  I’ll have much more to tell you about all of that in March.

Thanks for following the movie’s progress and bearing with me through this final post-production push!

–George Pappy

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