Our IndieGoGo Campaign Was A Success!

Posted on December 1, 2013 in News


I’m happy to report that in the final hours of our last day, we had a number of people step up to help us achieve our funding goal before the final deadline.  We managed to raise $10,002, all of which will soon be spent taking the final cut of the film through the Color Correction process and obtaining an Errors & Omissions insurance policy to enable public release.

I want to personally thank everyone who supported our latest funding drive, either directly or by spreading the word to others.  We had nearly 22,000 people visit the fundraising website over the course of the campaign, so in addition to raising the finishing funds we needed,  we clearly raised the public awareness of The Green Girl documentary significantly!

As we knock off the last few steps leading to release of the film, I will start paying a lot more attention to entering the movie in selected film festivals, an area where I’ve barely scratched the surface so far.  And in the meantime, I will continue to issue updates on our progress.  Rest assured that we are in the final stages and the film will be available in early 2014 as originally planned.


One comment on “Our IndieGoGo Campaign Was A Success!
  1. Frank McChristian says:

    Hi George,

    I am delighted that you have reached your goal and that I was able to contribute in a small way to the Green Girl film project. I wish you and the film much success. Looking forward its release early next year!

    All the best,


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