Living Soundtrack to the Susan Oliver Green Girl Documentary

Posted on July 27, 2013 in News


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been trying to take a rare Saturday off from the project, but here I am in my “leisure” time posting this rather unusual entry about some of the music that I’ve found myself listening to quite often over the past two years when I think about Susan Oliver and her time on this earth.  I’m pretty sure that she would not have listened to any of these songs (she was, after all, a girl born in the early 1930’s and, from what I know of her, was more interested in jazz, swing, big band, and classical than any of the popular music of the era(s) when she herself was quite popular).

Nevertheless, these songs (some of which you may find to be strange choices) have each contributed in some way to my thought processes as I’ve pondered and considered Susan’s complicated life and the best way in which to document it.  Some of them are songs I’d love to use either for the opening or closing credits of the film, some for a specific section within the film. 

But don’t expect to actually hear any of them in my documentary!  These are the kinds of songs only well-funded Hollywood movies can afford.  So I guess that’s as good a reason as any to share them with you here (thanks to YouTube).  Each one evokes some kind of image/feeling/historical reference point for me in terms of Susan Oliver’s all-too-short life, and lately I find myself playing one or more of them on my way in to editing or at the end of the day as I’m leaving our edit bay.

Anyways, here they are (see links below).  I hope you enjoy at least some of them.




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