The Green Girl: Post-Production Update #1

Posted on June 29, 2013 in News

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know how things are going.  This past week was our first in post: we spend nearly 4 full days viewing all of the interview footage I’ve accumulated since late 2011.  On Friday we started coming up with a story structure and began cutting some footage together (that will pretty much describe the next 2 months!).

We also met with Michael C. Donaldson, more or less the king of documentary filmmaking legal issues involving the concept of Fair Use (you can check out his very interesting website here: ).  If a documentary at Sundance uses any outside photos, video clips, or music, Mr. Donaldson almost certainly represents the film.  He gave us a real good feeling that we’re on the right track with our approach and should be able to proceed creatively in a way that fits within our budget.

I still have several fairly high-profile interviews to conduct in the coming weeks, but we’re rapidly approaching the point where we’ll have to stop gathering new material and focus exclusively on sifting through the huge volume we already have in front of us.

We can always use any additional support (both moral and financial) that we can possibly get, so please tell your friends who don’t know about us yet!

And now for today’s image: I guess it’s official when they give you reserved parking (our post-production facility).


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