Susan Oliver Passed Away 25 Years Ago Today

Posted on May 10, 2015 in News

Sadly, Susan Oliver left this world after a brief struggle with cancer on May 10, 1990.  She was just 58 years old.

And we lost another Star Trek female icon this past week, Grace Lee Whitney.  While this, too, was a sad event, Grace was 85 and it would be hard to argue that she didn’t have a very long and eventful life (I even had the pleasure of spending some time with her at last summer’s Star Trek Las Vegas Convention).

I can’t help but feel that Susan Oliver had to depart much too soon, and I can only wonder what she would have accomplished had she lived two or three more decades (especially given how incredibly much she managed to do in her relatively short lifetime).

Today, we pay special tribute to two of Star Trek’s very first iconic women, Susan Oliver, who left us 25 years ago at 58, and Grace Lee Whitney, who left this past week at 85.  As the recently-departed Leonard Nimoy would say, live long and prosper, ladies (wherever you are…).


susan-oliver-as-vina    Grace Lee Whitney as Janice Rand

6 comments on “Susan Oliver Passed Away 25 Years Ago Today
  1. Rick Hockmeyer says:

    Just saw her on an episode of the 1962 western, Laramie, opoposite John Smith. She was always an intriguing character in all the roles l saw over the years, and am sorry her life was cut short by cancer.

  2. That’s to bad. I too just seen her on a episode of Laramie. She was truly a beautiful woman… Did she ever have any children. Was or did she ever marry??

  3. Carla says:

    It is always sad to lose someone so beautiful and talented. Whether it be a family member or a star, Cancer has robbed us of some amazing people!

  4. RIP Susan Oliver, the original Orion Slaver Girl. She is honored in “The Green Girl” 2014. Did u know she was a record breaking aviator and also a director? She wanted to direct an episode of TNG. Would have loved to see her in that episode of TNG where Picard gets a slave, instead of that hot brunette from deep rising.

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