The Green Girl Susan Oliver Documentary Wins Again!

Posted on May 1, 2015 in News

That’s right, we’ve been honored with the award for Best Documentary Feature from the 15th Annual FirstGlance Los Angeles Film Festival.  It’s very heartening to see how consistently this film deeply affects a live audience (which often has no idea what to expect).  Susan Oliver’s story has a way of touching people that just can’t quite be put into words.  We are very grateful for all the opportunities the film has been having to reach out to more and more people.  It’s about time that the world to properly acknowledges the remarkable Susan Oliver!



4 comments on “The Green Girl Susan Oliver Documentary Wins Again!
  1. Frank McChristian says:

    That’s wonderful news, George! I am so happy for you and everyone involved in making the film! You guys did a spectacular job documenting Susan’s life. Much continued success!

  2. Thank you, Frank! It’s fans like you who make this all so worthwhile.

  3. Carl C. says:

    I really enjoyed this Documentary and don’t understand why PBS doesn’t license it for broadcasting on their network of stations across the U.S. It’s easily as good as any of the documentary programs that they air, better even, and I’m glad to see it being acknowledge through the Film Awards it has recieved to date.

    You did a wonderful job on this project, George!

    • Thanks, Carl! Unfortunately, there seems to be no accounting for why the powers that be do what they do – but I wasn’t about to let that stand in the way of getting the film out to people like you. All we can do is slowly spread the word as I keep trying (I do have a sales agent, and he’s been doing that – I think he’s even at Cannes this week…).

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